Most Common Makeup Questions Answered!

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Feb. 04, 2024



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While applying makeup is a form of art, most people aren't able to master it. And why is that so? There are a lot of doubts that revolve around makeup, how to apply it, where to apply it, and etcetera. But don’t fret! We are here to help! Read on to find out.

1. Can I wear foundation every day?

Yes, you can. But make sure it is toxin-free, you remove your makeup by the end of every day and take care of your skin appositely. 

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-Ruby's Organics Skin Tint Mattifying Foundation

2. How to do easy makeup on the go?

Use one product that is a game changer if you are not a fan of wearing makeup. Just apply sparingly over the lips and you will be good to go!

-Tsara Rush Hour Ruby, Liquid Lipcolor

Another multi purpose product which can turn the tide is Tint! Worn on the lips, cheeks and eyelids, it can be applied in under five minutes and you’ll be good to go.

-Just Herbs Herb Enriched Lip and Cheek Tint, 06 Pink Forever

3. Where should you use blush?

Use more blush along the cheekbones, then diffuse it up towards the temples, pushing it in and upwards so that it gets blended easily.

-Ruby's Organics Crème Blush, Poppy Pink

4. Should I Use Foundation or Concealer First?

A lot of controversy is around whether you should use foundation or concealer first. While there is an army of people who would beg to differ, the answer is Foundation! There is a reason why foundation is known as Foundation. It is applied as the base as it builds up the premise to prepare your skin for makeup. And then the concealer is applied to cover the areas you want to hide, blemishes, etc. VW Recommends:

-Daughter Earth The Concealer- CAPPUCCINO

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5. How do you layer sunscreen with makeup?

A very common question often asked is what to put first, sunscreen before makeup, sunscreen after makeup, or reapplying sunscreen after makeup. So here is the answer! Before wearing makeup, you should do your skincare regime like usual, which obviously includes sunscreen. And if needed, you should apply sunscreen after makeup. But if you are too conscious that your makeup will get distorted, you can use options like a sunscreen spray or a sunscreen stick. VW Recommends:

-Fixderma Shadow 30 Spray Lotion

-Thank You Farmer Sun Project Silky Calming Sun Stick SPF50+ PA++++

6. What goes on first? Eye liner, mascara or eyeshadow?

In makeup, the emphasis is always on building the base first. And if the base is done right, your makeup will truly stand out like art! So first we build the base by applying a little concealer over the lids, followed by eyeshadow of your choice, eye liner and finishing off with mascara to give the lashes the perfect curl. VW Recommends:

-Disguise Cosmetics Satin Smooth Eyeshadow Squares, Frosted Taupe Cacao 211

-Gush Beauty Eye Like Options

-asa Every Day Mascara, Easy Ebony 01

We may fancy ourselves beauty experts, but we never run out of questions to ask. Because we know you have plenty of questions too, we rounded up ten of the most common inquiries we get, and did the research to answer each and every one of them. From how to wear lip liner to how to prevent makeup pilling, read on for answers to your most pressing makeup questions. 

Q: How Do I Apply Foundation Over Acne?

A: Before you apply your foundation, consider some color-correcting tricks to help neutralize your blemishes. If you have a pimple that is very red, neutralize it with a green color corrector like the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Camouflage Creator in Green. Use a small, stiff brush and tap the product directly onto the blemish. Then apply your foundation on top. 

Q: Why Does Makeup Pill?

A: Pilling can occur if you’re applying thick layers of products or if you’re trying layer powder formulas over cream or vice versa. To find out what to do if your makeup is pilling, read this. 

Q: What Does Lip Liner Actually Do?

A: Lip liner has several uses. If you use it to outline the lips, it can help prevent your lipstick from feathering and define the shape of your lips. If you use it to fill in your lips, it can be worn on its own or to amp up the color of your lipstick. 

Q: How Do I Keep My Mascara From Smudging Under My Eyes?

A: Waterproof formulas dry to a matte finish and only budge when in contact with an oil, so they are pretty much guaranteed to stay on the lashes and not smudge. For a few more smudge-proof tips, read this. 

Q: How Do I Apply Lipstick on Dry Lips?

Most Common Makeup Questions Answered!

The Most Common Makeup Questions

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