Makeup Kit for Beginners- Your Makeup Kit List Essentials

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The world of makeup is fun, but if you are a beginner, the hundreds of different makeup products can seem overwhelming. Do you really need three different concealer shades for just your undereye circle? Putting together a beginner friendly makeup kit is the first step in achieving a flawless makeup look. Here is a list of 15 beauty products and makeup must haves for beginners that you need to add to your arsenal today!

1. Face Primer

A makeup must have, face primers help you create a smooth and even base so you can apply your face makeup products with ease. Makeup primers also improve the longevity of your makeup and ensure that the different beauty products you apply on top do not budge, smudge, or fade away throughout the day. From dewy primers that add a natural looking glow to your skin to colour correcting primers that cancel out redness, there are a lot of different primers for you to choose from depending on your skin type and needs.

Our pick – Maybelline Fit Me Primer

2. Liquid Foundation

Now that your canvas is ready, it is time to get a flawless, even complexion with foundation. As a beginner, use a foundation with medium to buildable coverage that you can use for both, an everyday, natural finish as well as a full-coverage look. If you have never used this must-have beauty product before, here is a Complete Foundation Makeup Guide that will teach you all there is to learn about this makeup kit essential.

Our pick – Maybelline Fit Me Tube Foundation

3. Concealer

On days when your complexion needs an extra helping hand and you need to cover your blemishes and undereye circles, use a concealer to erase these pesky spots with ease. Look for a lightweight formula that does not feel thick and greasy on your skin and read this handy guide to understand How To Apply Concealer correctly.

Our pick – Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer


To avoid looking like a shiny disco ball by the end of the day, you need to set your face makeup products with a pressed powder from your makeup kit list. Loose powders are great for achieving a blurred, airbrushed look but can get messy when used incorrectly, which is why we recommend adding a pressed or compact powder to your makeup kit. Before going in with the setting powder, be sure to read the step by step guide and learn How To Apply Setting Powder so your base makeup does not look cakey.


Our picks – Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Pressed Powder and Maybelline Fit Me Compact Powder


As a beginner, finding the right face makeup product shade for your skin tone and undertone might not come naturally to you, which is where the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool comes in handy. Use the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool and answer a few simple questions to find the perfect foundation, concealer, and setting powder shade for your complexion.

5. Blush

Another must have makeup product, blushes are essential for adding colour back to your face. After applying your base makeup products, your face can look flat and boring. Adding blush to the apples of your cheek gives a natural looking flush to your skin and enhances your complexion. Never used this beauty product before? Don’t worry, we got you covered – Here is the Best Way To Apply Blush For Your Face Shape. When creating a customized makeup kit, we recommend investing in a blush palette so you can experiment with different shades and mix and match colours to create a truly unique shade that flatters your features.

Our pick – Maybelline Master Blush and Highlight Kit

6. Contour

The next step in bringing some depth and dimension to your face is by using a contour to create shadows and carve out your facial features. Contour sticks are a must have makeup product for beginners as it gives you more control over how much product you are applying on your face. Creamy contour sticks are also easy to blend and are perfect for creating soft and subtle makeup looks. Learn How To Contour for different face shapes by reading our step by step contour makeup guide.

Our pick – Maybelline V-Face Duo Contour Stick

7. Highlighter

Even if you are an absolute beginner, this beauty product is a makeup kit essential. Whether you prefer a natural no-makeup makeup look or love going full glam, highlighters can help you transform your makeup game. Mix a little bit of liquid highlighter with your foundation for a radiant glow from within or add some blinding lights with a powder highlighter, the Different Ways Of Using Highlighter can help you get the most out of this humble makeup product.

Our picks – Maybelline Facestudio Master Chrome Metallic Highlight and Maybelline Facestudio Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter

8. Eyeshadow Palette

We know what you are thinking – I am a makeup newbie, I won’t be able to create stunning eye makeup looks with eyeshadow. Hear us out – you do not need to create a dramatic cut crease or an intense smokey eye on your first try, but even by adding warm brown eyeshadow shades to your crease is enough to instantly transform your everyday makeup look. You can also read the step by step eyeshadow guide to learn How To Apply Eyeshadow. For your beginner’s makeup kit, we recommend adding an eyeshadow palette that has a good mix of mattes and shimmers in subtle and bold colours.

Our picks – Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette and Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

9. Eyeliner

Creating an intense winged eyeliner look is not easy, we know, but as a makeup beginner, learning How To Apply Eyeliner to your lash line can make a huge difference. And if you are not comfortable with liquid eyeliner just yet, you have sketch pen eyeliners and pencil eyeliners to your rescue!

Our picks – Maybelline Colossal Bold Liner, Maybelline Tattoo Studio Gel Eyeliner Pencil, and Maybelline Colossal Liner

10. Kajal

Not convinced with eyeliners? A simple swap for this beauty product is the classic Kajal! No matter your makeup skills, this must have makeup product will help you define your eyes and enhance their beauty. So, make sure to find the Best Kajal for your needs and make it a part of your makeup kit, no matter where you go.

Our pick – The Colossal 24HR Kajal

11. Eyebrow Pencil

Well defined eyebrows not only frame your face but can also make or break your makeup look. Eyebrow pencils are easy to use and can be quickly mastered even by absolute beginners, so you too can always have your brows on fleek. This makeup must have can also double up as an eyeliner when you are in a rush!

Our pick – Maybelline Define & Blend Brow Pencil

12. Mascara

A commonly ignored beauty product, mascaras are a perfect addition to your makeup kit regardless of the makeup look you want to flaunt. From soft, fluttery lashes for an everyday makeup to long and voluminous lashes that look like falsies, every eye makeup look is incomplete without mascara. Make sure you take your time learning How To Apply Mascara so you don’t end up with clumpy and spidery lashes.

Our pick – Maybelline The Colossal Waterproof Mascara

13. Lipstick

With so many Different Types Of Lipstick Makeup to choose from, it can get confusing to find the right lipstick formula, shade, and texture when you are a beginner. We recommend adding two lip makeup products to your makeup kit – a creamy matte lipstick in a bullet format for an everyday wear and a bold liquid lipstick for when you are feeling fancy.

If all your past experiments with lipsticks have left you with lipstick stains on your teeth or with the lipstick bleeding out of your lip line, you need to read this lipstick guide to understand How To Apply Lipstick the right way.

Our picks – Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick, Maybelline Sensational Liquid Matte Lipstick, and Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Crayon

14. Setting Spray

Last but most certainly not the least, this beauty product is essential to make sure all your hard work stays in place till the end of the day. Use a makeup setting spray at the end of your makeup to ensure your look stays locked in all day. A Setting Spray Hack to refresh your makeup is to spritz it a few times throughout the day to keep your face looking and feeling fresh.

Our pick – Maybelline Lasting Fix Setting Spray

15. Makeup Tools

Now that your makeup kit is ready with the top 14 beauty products, you need to add a few tools to your kit to apply these must have makeup products to your face. You will need a Beauty Sponge and some makeup brushes for a flawless makeup application every time.

Must have makeup brushes –

a. Foundation and concealer brush
b. Powder brush – for setting powder and blush
c. Highlighter brush
d. Fluffy crease brush for your eyeshadow crease shade
e. Flat eyeshadow brush for your eyelid shade
f. Small, dense blending brush for the outer corner of your eyelid

You have now created your very own customized makeup kit, see, it wasn’t that difficult right! Now head over to the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool to test out the different Maybelline makeup products, give yourself a virtual makeover, and experiment with different formulas and colours with no commitment.

When it comes to makeup, we all start somewhere. That's why it's so important to start by following makeup tips for beginners rather than jumping to a cut-crease or advanced contour technique. Of course, before we start with simple tips and tricks, we need to put together a solid makeup kit.

Putting together a good makeup kit can be quite challenging and overwhelming for even the most seasoned makeup connoisseur — let alone a makeup beginner. With thousands upon thousands of products to choose from, it can start to get a bit confusing when figuring out which ones work best for you.

If you're just starting out on your makeup journey and are looking for a good guide, we put together a list of all the makeup staples, products, and tools you need in your cosmetic bag. What's more, we consulted experts in the makeup industry to find out which products are the best of the best. Here Sharon Becker, as well as Donni Davy, both weighed in on all the essential products for your makeup starter pack.

meet the expert

  • Sharon Becker is a Manhattan-based makeup artist.
  • Donni Davy is an Emmy-winning makeup director for HBO's Euphoria and co-founder of Half Magic Beauty.

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You can trust us that not only are they easy for newbies to use, but they've also been put to the test and have quickly become pro favorites.

Discover exactly what you need to have on hand with our selects below.

Makeup Kit for Beginners- Your Makeup Kit List Essentials

The Makeup Tips For Beginners Everyone Needs to Know


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