How to wear disposable protective clothing?

Author: Hou

Apr. 19, 2024



Medical protective clothing is a type of protective clothing. It refers to protective items used by medical personnel such as doctors, nurses, public health personnel, and cleaning personnel when entering specific areas. It has the function of isolating germs and harmful ultrafine particles.

Medical protective clothing can be mainly divided into disposable and reusable protective clothing according to their service life. At present, most of the medical protective clothing used in domestic and foreign markets are disposable medical protective clothing. According to statistics, approximately 180 million pieces of disposable (disposable) medical protective clothing and surgical gowns are used globally every year, 60% of which are produced and processed in China.

There are a total of 8 steps to put on protective clothing.

Before wearing protective clothing, you should go to the toilet and drink about 200ml of water to avoid dehydration caused by wearing protective clothing for a long time.

1. Seven-step hand washing method

Wash your hands with running water so that your hands are fully soaked. Take an appropriate amount of soap or liquid soap and apply it evenly to the entire palm, back of hand, fingers and between fingers. After youre done, youre ready to rub it in!

a: Palm to palm, fingers together, rub each other.

b: Rub the palms of your hands together along the backs of your hands along the gaps between your fingers, and exchange hands.

c: Palms facing each other, cross your hands and rub each other along the fingers.

d: Bend each finger joint, rub the joints in the palm of the other hand, and switch hands.

e: Rub the thumb in the palm of the opposite side and switch hands.

f: Put the five fingertips together on the opposite palm and rub them, switching hands.

g: Wash and rub your wrists and arms, switching hands.

Medical Protective Coverall.webp

2. How to wear disposable hats

a. Choose a hat of appropriate size, which should fully cover the hair on the head and hairline to avoid exposure.

b. Disposable hats should have tight ties or elastic bands to prevent hair from scattering while wearing them. Those with long hair should tie it up before wearing a hat and tuck all the hair into the hat.

c. The two ends of the disposable cap must be placed on both sides of the ears and are not allowed to be placed on the forehead or other parts. Otherwise, it will affect the implementation and cause unnecessary trouble.

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3. How to wear disposable masks

a. The method of wearing a disposable mask is relatively simple, but you must also pay attention to the air tightness. Do not touch the surface of the mask after getting it, as shown in the picture:

b. Disposable masks have an inside and an outside. The light-colored side has the function of absorbing and discarding dark moisture. When used, it should be close to the mouth and nose, and the dark-colored side faces outward, as shown in the picture:

c. When using, unfold the mask. When unfolding, adjust it according to your face shape and completely cover your nose, mouth and chin, as shown in the picture:

d. Press the upper nose clip tightly. You can use the index fingers of both hands to press the hard side of the upper part to fit it with the nose, as shown in the picture:

e. After tightening, make the mask fit your face completely. At this time, you can feel if there is any air leakage when breathing.

4. Wear inner gloves

Pay attention to choosing the appropriate model, neither too loose nor too tight. Blow air before wearing to confirm that the gloves are intact and not damaged. The edges of the gloves wrap around the cuffs of the work clothes.

5. Wear protective clothing

Choose the appropriate model and check whether the protective coverall is damaged before wearing it. If there is no damage, put on the lower garment first, then the upper garment, and then pull the zipper to the chest. Then fasten the one-piece hat to the head, zip up all the zippers, and seal the zipper buckle. After putting on the clothes, move around appropriately and check the ductility.

6. Wear goggles

Check that the air holes are closed, the lower edge of the goggles presses the upper edge of the mask, and the upper edge of the goggles presses the edge of the protective suit hat. After putting it on, adjust it to the appropriate tightness to ensure tightness and comfort.

7. Wear boot covers

Place the seal on the outside of the suit.

8. Wear outer gloves

Select the appropriate model, blow air to check whether it is intact or damaged, and press the edge of the glove against the cuff of the protective suit.

The above is the correct way to wear disposable protective clothing. I hope everyone will take good protection during the epidemic.

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