How to choose a good oral swab?

Author: Hou

Apr. 22, 2024



An oral swab is a swab used to collect oral epithelial mucosal cells and detect the DNA in these cells to complete DNA identification or genetic testing. Oral swabs have the same test data as blood. They are painless, non-invasive, very scientific, and are recommended by many genetic companies. A large number of clinical experiments on oral swabs abroad have shown that compared with ordinary sterile swabs, nylon flocked swabs have a better effect on collecting and transporting clinical biological samples, especially for those who cannot be sent for inspection and placed in time. This is especially true for samples that are too long. Oral swab is an all-in-one system that can collect, stabilize, transport and purify saliva DNA in advance, providing a painless and risk-free new way to collect microbial DNA for disease control and prevention.

What factors should you consider when choosing a good oral swab:

It is best to use flocked swabs because compared with ordinary cotton swabs, flocked swabs can better collect clinical microbial specimens and are more convenient to transport than cotton swabs. Choose one that is non-toxic to microorganisms, reaches medical grade, and can collect and release specimens to the greatest extent possible. The swab should be odorless, tasteless, and white.

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Oral swab sampling method:

Before sampling: Please do not eat anything, smoke, drink, etc. 30 minutes before sampling;

. Tear open the outer packaging of the oral swab and carefully take out the oral swab;

. Grasp the handle of the swab, insert the swab into the left side of the mouth, wipe it up and down with brushing force, let the head of the swab fully contact the oral mucosa, repeat this action for 1 minute;

. Use the same method to take a second swab on the right cheek;

. Dry the swab stained with cells dropped from the mouth in a clean and ventilated place, put the swab into the long swab tube, and complete the sampling;

. Fill in the detailed information on the long tube label of the swab, put the swab tube into the biological sample safety bag, and then fill in the relevant sampling information in the biological sample safety bag.

. Submit for inspection in time.

Advantages of oral swabs:

. It has extraordinary water absorption capacity, and the number of specimens collected on its surface is greatly increased, which is three times that of traditional swabs;

. It has a release rate of over 90% for collected specimens, thus ensuring the accuracy of specimen results;

. Different preservation solutions can be selected for sampling according to different specimen types.


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