What is the Correct Posture for Taking Capsules?

Author: Evelyn

Jan. 29, 2024



When illness strikes, medications become a remedy—common choices include solutions, liquids, tablets, and capsules . Today, we'll focus on capsules. Medications housed in capsules often contain powders or granules that may irritate the esophagus and stomach lining, some prone to evaporation or breakdown in saliva, while others may be easily inhaled into the trachea.


Encasing these medications in capsules not only shields their properties but also protects the digestive and respiratory systems. However, improper ingestion can lead to stomach discomfort. Here are essential considerations when taking capsules:

  1. Lie down after taking capsules immediately.

    Some individuals, after ingesting capsules, prefer lying down promptly. However, this increases the risk of capsule retention in the esophagus, accelerating drug release. If the medication has a strong irritant effect on the esophagus or stomach, it may cause damage. It's advisable to stand while taking capsules, waiting until the capsule is completely swallowed before lying down to rest.

  2. Avoid excessively hot water.

    While a warm cup of water is comforting during medication intake, it may hasten capsule dissolution, potentially harming the stomach. Using hot water can soften the gelatin shell, causing it to stick in the esophagus and potentially lead to damage. Capsules are best taken with lukewarm water, generally not exceeding 40°C. This is especially crucial for probiotic formulations, where high water temperatures can deactivate live cultures. Some individuals may dry swallow capsules due to a lack of water nearby, increasing the risk of capsule adhesion in the esophagus. It's recommended to lubricate the esophagus with about 50 milliliters of water before capsule ingestion, followed by ingestion with approximately 200 milliliters of lukewarm water.

In summary, the correct approach to taking capsules involves standing while swallowing and using water that isn't too hot!


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